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What To Do After The Best Two Jaw Surgery

The best two jaw surgery is really different from another Korea plastic surgery that only provide beauty. To be the best two jaw surgery, there must have a best relation between Korea plastic surgery and dentist to maintain the correct aesthetic and functional benefits of surgery.

Therefore, after the Korea two jaw surgery, there is a corrective orthodontics treatment. Stronger teeth and jaw can lead you to the prettier smile and face line after all.

The relationship inside the best two jaw surgery is like a bond. Korea two jaw surgery and corrective orthodontics won’t be complete if there are missing their half. Korea two jaw surgery move jaw placement, so it is also require healing for the corrected jaw. In this process, the upper and low jaw as well as tooth bite must be secured through corrective orthodontics.

How about I have already had the braces before i did Korea two jaw surgery?

It’s the same case even if you have already had the races before you did the best two jaw surgery, but in this case you only need to get braces one time again after Korea two jaw surgery.

However, you will have to get corrective orthodontics again which equals 2 times total. Different from the pre-operative orthodontic treatment only takes about 6 months.

Recently, there is the shortest and smallest braces called 2D orthodontics using 2D braces. It has quicker result, non visible correction, and the most important thing is the reasonable prices! Usually, orthodontic treatment after Korea two jaw surgery lasts 3-5 months and then you can have the pretty smile and features after that.

There is one more kind of braces that unnoticeable called incognito. It can reduce discomfort because it is only 1/3 size of regular braces. It almost similar with 2D Orthodontics. Both of these kind of braces will give the most successful outcome only after diagnosis.

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