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WHY Breast Surgery in Korea?

Breast surgery in Korea not only boost your beauty, but also your confidence in once. Breast augmentation commonly to use implant and need approximately 2-3 hours. This surgery is simple because the surgery region is large but not too sensitive.

It is important to choose which breast implant that will match to the body, location for the breast implant itself, and the main point is to create a cleavage!

  • Achieve large breast volume and glamorous slope at the same tie
  • Achieve full cleavage and natural shape regardless of the posture
  • Achieve voluminous upper breasts and cleavage after child birth and aging

In common case, women on their 20s do breast surgery in Korea because of they didn’t have their preferable size or they have flat chest complex. But women on their 40s often to do breast surgery in Korea because of sagging breast due to aging or pregnancy.

What’s more important than size is the Korean Breast Golden Ratio!

  • The upper breast should not be excessively bulging or sunken
  • Breast slope starting from the clavicle to the nipple should be smooth
  • The under breast should be in voluptuous teardrop shape
  • The upper part of the nipple should be flat and form an angle with 90 degrees
  • The under breast should be in round and voluptuous shape, forming an angle with 110-120 degrees

Incisions are made on inconspicuous areas in order to minimize visible scarring. Breast Surgery WONJIN will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome. There are 3 incision site that commonly to use: breast fold incision, areola incision, and armpit incision.

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